Yu Yong Made His Speech in 11th China International Steel Congress


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Yu Yong Made His Speech in 11th China International Steel Congress

On May 27, Yu Yong, Chairman of World Steel Association (worldsteel) & HBIS, attended the 11th China International Iron and Steel Conference in Shanghai and delivered a keynote speech on "How China's Iron and Steel Industry Can Lead Sustainable Development from the Track of World Steel Development".

At the beginning of his speech, on behalf of worldsteel and HBIS, Yu Yong congratulated the opening of 11th China International Steel Congress and said the Congress was a very important communication channel for the world steel community. Despite the impact of the global epidemic, the enthusiasm of all the participants remains unabated. The guests believed that this conference would achieve fruitful results under such a special environment.

Yu Yong said in his speech that our world was entering an Intelligent and 4th Industrial Revolution and the world steel industry entering a Chinese Era. Taking advantage of rapid development of world economy and the Chinese reform and open policy, China has been the world’s largest steel producer, 25 years in a row. Chinese steel industry is the biggest support to the growth of Chinese economy. With the strong support the technology development and resources, Chinese steel industry has experienced an exponential growth both in scale and efficiency, particularly, in energy conservation, emission reduction, green & low carbon, intelligent manufacturing, Chinese steel industry leading the development and the trend. 

Yu Yong said due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, world economy was experiencing uncertainty and the sustainable development of world steel industry facing great challenges. The challenges for China's steel industry will be more profound because of the country's large steel base. The climate shift is a huge threat to the development of human beings and carbon reduction is a major project to all humans.  As the largest developing country and the world's second largest economy, China's carbon emission reduction task is particularly important. In particular, China, which has experienced decades of rapid development, has made the same commitment to reach a carbon peak and be carbon neutral as the Western developed countries that have enjoyed a century of rapid economic growth. This is China's responsibility and is also China's pattern and view.Therefore, it is necessary to correctly understand China's iron and steel industry and its responsibility and historical position in global carbon emission reduction.Second, to adapt to the rapid development of digital technology challenges.China has the world's leading advantage in intelligent manufacturing and 5G technology. Digital technology represented by 5G will bring subversive innovation to China's steel industry in the future, and also bring huge changes to the world's steel industry. The innovations are not only for higher efficiency, more importantly, they will enhance product quality and stability, from macro to micro perspective. Third, the challenge from accelerating material technology iteration. The development of an industry, not only lies in the macro, more important lies in the micro.Throughout the development of the world's iron and steel industry, the international advanced iron and steel enterprises have made iron and steel into materials, and carrying their own intellectual property innovation. After decades of development from macro to micro, China's iron and steel industry is now transforming from steel to materials.So, materials are the future of China's steel industry.

Yu Yong said World Steel was entering a Chinese Era.We must fully understand and rationally deal with the major challenges brought about by global warming, the rapid development of digital technology, and the updating of material technology, strengthen and fully demonstrate the responsibility and duty of a big country in steel, and grasp the trend of world steel development from the perspective of sustainable development and building a community with a shared future for mankind.China's steel industry should do more to lead green and low-carbon development, make major breakthroughs in smart manufacturing, and demonstrate China's wisdom in material innovation.

Finally, Yu Yong said facing the future, Chinese steel industry should fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development philosophy and targeting green & low carbon, intelligent manufacturing and material innovations. With upgrades and high quality development, we could contribute more for the Two Centenary Goals and offer the power of Steel for the Chinese dream of great Chinese nation. Chinese steel industry should lead the innovations of world steel industry, giving Chinese marks.  

China International Steel Congress is dedicated to the high level, comprehensive and strategic dialog of world steel industry. It is a high end communication channel connecting Chinese and world steel industry.

This year, government officials, consultants, international steel manufacturers, equipment manufacturers come the congress with a general title of Green Steel for a Low Carbon Future. They discussed various topics including Open & Sharing, coordinated Development; Global Coordination & Green Development; Intelligent & Low Carbon and Innovations, Structural Reform & Sustainable Development. Over 400 representatives from both domestic and international steel and up/down stream industries come to the sessions.

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